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Firefox Is Going To Be Changed

Firefox new logo

Firefox was known in a single logo since its launch in 2002. After so many years, the Firefox authorities feel that the time has come to change their logo.

But there is a smog on this logo change. Because Firefox has published two sets as a new logo. There are 12 images in each set. All of which can be found in the logo. While there was no clear message, Mozilla’s Creative Director Tim Murray said that Firefox is not just a browser. If you look at other projects, you can see that many of its applications have not tied it to the browser only. For example, Firefox Rocket (for slow Internet), Firefox Reality (for Virtual Reality).

Although not clear, however, Firefox can identify its individual projects with different logos. Or it may be that Firefox has set two sets, it’s a ‘draft’. From here, maybe one can be chosen as a logo. All of them can be used for different options. Again, it may be a changing logo, which will appear in a different logo for a while. But almost 16 years after the start, Firefox is changing its logo.

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