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Michael Jackson:The King of Music

Just playing the guitar is not enough to support a family, rather than time pass. On the day of tension, Joseph had to take the job of the crane operator. Wife Catherine also plays clarinet and piano for two paisa earnings. There are many children in the small house of two rooms. If you use them, the cost goes up! They also composed songs and songs of music. Five young people of the same age group named the ‘Jackson Five’. This group of Jackson family has quickly gained popularity in the sixties. But the audience of the audience grabbed the smallest member Michael But the harsh father did not want Michael to sing. Brothers forced the father to listen to Michael’s song. The father could not stop after listening. Michael came out of the team and started his solo career. Slowly take yourself to the world of music and top of popularity. Pop, Rock, Blues and other songs of the song created Together with his own unique dance Popmurrut conquered the hearts of millions of people in the world. Yes, he was Michael Jackson, who died of millions of people crying at the age of fifty.

That was the 25th of June. That’s exactly this month. Year 2009 Popmaster’s death due to additional propollection Asked to give the doctor some kind of medicine, he could not sleep at all. Then he slept and did not wake up.

The first day Michael found the light of the world, that day was 29 August 1958. He was born in a black family in Gary, Indiana, USA. The color of black was black. But as soon as he grew up, one of the most common skin diseases that came with the disease. The skin color starts to be white. Tabloid printed plastic surgery or wanted to be frozen. But these reports got very sad Michael In an interview, she just had surgery on the nose, not the skin. It was his skin disease. He said, ‘People are black when they go to sunlight. And I’m just the opposite of it. Where did someone else ask why they were black? It’s my disease I can not do anything. ‘He used heavy makeup for the unusual color variation of skin all the time. But one time he was very upset with his face. His father used to call him ‘ugly’. There were many acne in appearance. He was afraid to see his face in the mirror. Once a female devotee, looking at Jackson, was looking for a little Michael. But he was very disappointed to see him. Michael wanted to flee to shame in some places. Father did not just talk about Michael, but Joseph Jackson was afraid of the family. If you can catch the kids, it is very petite. No mistake could be made in any work. In the ten siblings, Michael was eighth. His absence would not have been small, he could not escape. Despite all these incidents, Michael gave his father much love.

Ever since childhood was not a happy one, the Museum Park was built for children in the Neverland, a palatial home. Children with cancer came to her in this park. He himself was the entertainment festival. There are special beds for sick children. All the funny things that are lying on the bed The person who loved the children so much, twice against him or her, accusing him of physically assaulting children. But he was never proved to be accused. This man claimed himself as a Peter Pan. That Peter Pan can not be brushed any day. Whose mind is like a child The devotees did not believe that the child’s mind would do such a terrible thing.

Once there’s a rumor, in Neverland there’s a room where Michael sleeps. That’s the oxygen room Sleeping in this room or living for many years. Tabloids were surprised at the news of Michael’s surprise After laughing laughing, ‘There is no such room in Nevarland. I do not sleep in such a room. ‘The five brothers of the teenager developed’ Jackson Five ‘

Youngest five-year-old couple formed ‘Jackson Five’

Michael did not give much attention to the ‘Music Video’ talk He considered these to be short films, music pictures. The story that was in his film Together with his invented dance ‘Munawak’ His musical photos are still at the peak of success. His thriller album has been named as the most sold in history. The 1982 album, which was on the top list for over eighteen weeks. Thirty weeks were at first place. Grammy received 12 nominations, and eight of them got Michael Michael Jackson He considered himself a musical instrument, a slave of rhythm. So it never stopped When you listen to the rhythm, it automatically rises in its own style. Ever thought never danced. And his dancing was unique to him. He became a dancer artist. Among the dead, he is still on top of all the music stars.

He got the title of Emperor of Pop Singing suddenly. When Hollywood star Elizabeth Taylor once gave him a prize, he said, “Michael Jackson of Pop-rock Emperor” In front of Michael’s house, fans started crying in the middle of the crowd, ‘King of Pop, King of Pop’. From that he became the ‘King of Pop’ or Popmart.

Ideal was another legendary music star Elvis Presley. He married his daughter Lisa Mary Priscely in 1994. But the family did not last for more than one year. After Michael’s death, Lisa said that Michael had given so much medicine to the doctor that Lisa thought that the husband would be the same as the father. Like a father, suddenly one day he will be found dead in the bathroom, Michael will be found dead. Lisa went awry Michael had to take many medicines because of his body’s pain and lack of sleep. Meanwhile, Michael wanted to fill his son with a furry son. But Lisa was not ready. Michael said angry

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