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Khaleda’s bail decision on July 2

The decision on whether BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia’s bail will be granted by the High Court in the case of Chowddagram Police station in Comilla on the murder of the bus schedules on July 2.

Meanwhile, the Special Powers Act on the charge of sabotage has been kept for hearing on Monday from the state-run Leave to Appeal (application for permission to appeal) against Khaleda Zia’s bail granted in the same police station case.

The four-member Appellate Division headed by the Chief Justice appointed the verdict on Sunday after the hearing on the state’s leave to appeal against the bail granted by the High Court to a BNP chairperson in a case filed with Chowdhagram Police Station in Comilla.

Khaleda Zia’s case against the bail granted to Khaleda Zia for the stay-to-appeal hearing made by the prosecution for the day. The Appellate Division has appealed against the bail granted to the High Court.

Attorney General Mahbubey Alam later said, the hearing of the appeal of the state-run lie-up appeal against Khaleda Zia’s bail in the murder case ended. On July 2, the court set the verdict. On the other hand, there will be tomorrow hearing in another case of sabotage.

Attorney General Mahbubey Alam was present at the court hearing in the court. Along with Deputy Attorney General Biswajit Debnath, Advocate Khandaker Mahbub Hossain, AJ Mohammad Ali and Zainul Abedin were on behalf of Khaleda Zia.

Zia Orphanage Trust, convicted in corruption case, has been lodged in Nazimuddin Road jail of Old Dhaka since February 8. Khaleda Zia is in jail in Old Dhaka. Khaleda Zia gets bail in bail plea for bail The High Court granted bail on May 16 after the bail granted to the Appellate Division. At the same time, the High Court ordered Khaleda Zia to adjudicate against the verdict of the five-year verdict on July 31.

On May 28, a two bench of High Court granted bail to Khaleda Zia for six months in two cases filed by Chowddagram Police Station in Comilla on charges of sabotage. The prosecutor appeals to this bail to be postponed. In view of this, the chamber judge suspended the bail and sent the application to the hearing of the hearing on a regular bench of the Appellate Division. On 31 May, the Appellate Division ordered the state government to make regular leave-to-appeal on 24 June, after the suspension. Later, the state party regularly took leave to appeal.

According to the lawyer sources, on 25 January 2015, police filed a case under the Special Powers Act against the Chowddagram Police Station on charges of vandalism in a covered van of Chauddagram on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway and several vandalism surrounding the vandalism. On Feb 2 of the same year, on February 2, the police filed a case with the Chaudhadgram Police Station against the death of eight passengers by throwing petrol bomb at a bus on Dhaka-Chittagong highway.

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