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Brazil-Germany race at last sixteenth?

The way the ‘E’ and ‘F’ groups are fighting, Germany -Brazil race may be seen at the last sixteenth.

Nothing sure yet. But the way and the equation of Brazil and Germany say, in the last sixteen they will meet at the same point.
However, that point is not fair-mohabdata; Rather, it is a very difficult fight stage, where Brazil will get the chance to bring back memories of ‘Seven Ups’ in the last World Cup semifinal And Germany? The Brazilians will try to ‘cut the knife in the hole’ and the joakim loo Although nothing is right yet. But the World Cup-way hint can be seen in the same sixteenth-century classical fight. Brazil face Germany!

How? It is good to say that before the calculation, the last sixteenth Brazil-Germany has created a way to fight the equation – ‘A’ group will face the champion team ‘F’ group runners-up team.

Germany is the second in the ‘F’ group with 3 points from 2 matches. Mexico tops with 6 points in the same match. In the last match, Germany’s opponent South Korea and the match will be won by the Laura disciple of the Loron At least two groups have the power to act on the basis of power. If Germans win against South Korea and Mexico can lose Sweden in their last match, then the ‘F’ group will be champions in Mexico and Runners-up Germany. In that case, it will also be possible to draw Mexico with the Swedes. Because then Mexico will be 7 points and Germany’s 6 (with a victory over Korea).

Let’s come to the ‘E’ group’s equation. Brazil, with 4 points from two matches. Swiss teams collect 4 points in 2 matches. Brazil (+ 2) ahead with goals scored by Swiss (+ 1). In the last two matches of this group, Brazil, and Switzerland competing in Serbia and Costa Rica, respectively. To be the champion of the group, Brazil will have to win their last match. The problem is that if Brazil wins their last match, then Brazil and their points will be equal. In that case, Brazil will be the ‘E’ group champion if they are ahead of the Swiss.

Brazil and Switzerland draw their last match, but the equations match. In that case, there should be ahead of the Swiss opponents of Titus, the disciples of Titta But then the Brazilians will wake up in the minds of the wounds – ‘Monirajo’ disaster. Why wake up? The wounds of the Brazilians feel alive Germany has a scoreline 7-1 in the semifinals, not forgetting the scoreline. But the question is, can Tiet’s Brazil be able to create a platform of revenge for the final sixteen equations?

Serbia but not Costa Rica. Like Switzerland or even stronger than them.

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