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1 Table Worth 3 Million Taka!

A desk or a table, which is worth around three and a half million! Many people will probably comment – as it is not a historic agreement signed desk or a mahogany wooden desk, so the price of $ 4,000 (around 3 million in Bangladeshi currency) is excessive.

But you see in the vicinity, the desk is not it. Intel® Core i-Seven Computer has been added to this desk called ‘Semtratex SmartDesk’. This computer again has 3 24-inch IPS monitors. Each monitor touchscreen facility. Including Gesture Control. Also, this desktop has built-in a wireless mobile charger. Wireless earbuds and VoIP business phones are available for calling a small drawer.

The document scanners are inserted under the glass on the desk. So you can scan a document on the desk.

Another important thing is that you can also stand on the CamTreq SmartDesk This is good for health because working on a long period of time creates the risk of cancer.

The manufacturer is taking pre-order of CMTREX smartdesk. Visits: But yes, there is three and a half million taka.

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