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Samsung phone secretly sending personal photos?

Unlocked phone calls from unlocked phones or unwanted phone calls, messages, or personal files in case of alcoholism can lead to other things going from the phone.

But if your phone automatically sends your personal files to another’s mobile phone text message without your permission? Some sites mentioned in the social site Reddit One of them mentions that when he was asleep at night, his Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus phone, all the photos in the phone’s gallery were sent to his girlfriend’s phone. A Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone user told about the same kind of incident.

Samsung told the technology media Senate, they consider it seriously. But it is not clear whether this is happening or its extinction – especially if it is true that the photos on the Samsung phone are automatically going away.

The complaints of users posted on the Reddit have been found, most of the phones affected by this incident are T-Mobile operators. This telecom operator has recently launched Google-enabled RCS technology to provide modern text messaging services to their users. One post was posted on Samsung’s own forum for bug fixes on RCS, but it was not sure if there was a bug.

This issue is likely to be caused by the new version of Samsung’s messaging app, which may be related to whether or not to update the RCS.

However, if you find the problem, you can stay safe by rejecting the different text message app or Samsung’s message app photo permissions.

Samsung said in a statement that they are aware of the news related to the problem and their technical team is investigating the matter.

The Mobile Authority said the Cnet that the problem is not T-Mobile. Samsung needs to look into the matter.

References: Cnet

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