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Sanju’s records in 3 days

Sanju, one of the most discussed films this year, directed by Rajkumar Hirani The film, which was released on June 29, is based on the events of the life of actor Sanjay Dutt. Since then the movie has been set to record one after the box office.

Sanju was released in about 4,000 in India and 1300 theaters in 65 countries of the world. The box office opening has also been exceptional. On the first day, Rs 34.75 crore was earned. It has been named in the list of 100 billion rupees in earning only three days.

Let’s take a look at the three records of Sanju film:

* Sanju has recorded the highest earnings for the first time in this year’s release of movies. Earlier, the record was in the possession of Salman Khan’s Race-3 movie. Race-3 earned 29.17 crore rupees on first day. On the other hand, Sanju earns crores of rupees 34.75 crores.

* Sanju made the record for the highest number of winners in the first weekend, behind Race-3 and Paddman movies. Its income in the first weekend is 120.06 crores. On the other hand, the revenue of the race-3 and Padmaabat films was 106.47 and 114 crores respectively.

* On the first three-day income, Sajjan, Tiger Zinda Hai, Bajrangi Bhajan movie broke the record of Sanju. Its place in the first weekend after Bahubali-The Convention movie is the highest earning.

* Breaking record of Bahubali-The Convention movie, Sanju has captured the record for the highest earnings in one day. Bahubali-The Conkulshan movie was one of the highest earnings of 46.50 crore rupees a day. Sanju’s film earns 46.71 billion rupees in revenue.

* Fastest 100 billion rupees in earnings movie, after the Bahbali-The Conclusion movie, Saju. In the first three days, Sanju cinemas earn Rs 120.06 crores. Prabhas played Bahubali-The Convention earned 128 crores.

* Among the films that Ranbir has made, the highest earning films on the first day were quite big. The first earning of the movie was 21.56 crore rupees. Saju broke the record

* Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Vaishram, Aa Dil Hai Muskil, behind the scenes, Ranveer’s most earning movie in the first weekend Saju.

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