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How to Maintain Good Health in Summer

There are certain rules that must be followed to stay healthy during the hot summer day. Be cared for yourself. Let’s know.

Protect the skin
The sun’s ultraviolet rays are the most intense from 10 to 4pm. Moreover, the heat of the sun takes away the coolness of your skin. So-

Use SPF-30 material rich sun screen on the skin several hours a week.

* Read light-colored thin clothing that reflects sunlight and heat and the body can maintain its normal temperature.

* Use wide hatters to protect the appearance and head from the sun.

* Use glasses that protect against ultraviolet rays.

Always be hydrated
As a result of normal activities in the summer, you get plenty of water out of your body and you can suffer from water void. So-

* Drink plenty of water and fruit juice even if you do not thirst.

* Avoid excess sugar joints and soft drinks.

* Water keeps your bones and muscles healthy, keeps weight normal and provides the necessary energy for your day to day work.

Summer meal
Do not eat more protein rich foods during the summer. Because of this, there is a lot of heat generated due to hajam. So so

# Eat a few minutes after eating a little bit.

# A lot of fresh food is available in the market in the summer. So take light, fresh and healthy food from the local market and accept it.

Keep the body cool
During the summer, excessive labor, walking and sports can increase body temperature, nausea or vomiting, the body may become dull, headaches can increase, heart rate may increase, and mood may get annoying or emotional fatigue. Moreover, the possibility of becoming a hitterstroke in excess heat is strong. Therefore,

* Spend time in air-conditioned areas – Spending time in the air-conditioned area for at least two hours a day can be avoided by heat-related illness.

* Swim – swimming in cool water swimming pool or in the sea, not just your body will be cold but rather a great exercise.

* Remember, the electric fan does not make cold air but builds hot air around it.

* Pause in the sheltered areas if you need to break out of the outside.

Maintaining strong bones and maintaining bone health is very important. So-

* Protect your muscles from the contraction before stretching before and after any work.

* Pick out the distance while traveling, use the stairs instead of the elevator. This will turn your daily movement into exercise.

* To avoid foot pain, ankle and knee pain, do not wear long sleeves in the summer.

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