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Putin is Proud Even Being Defeated

Vladimir Putin is proud of football Team performance

Russia has astonished everyone even after quitting the quarter-finals of the World Cup. Russian President Vladimir Putin is proud of national team players.

Russian National Football Team

Russian National Football Team

In the FIFA World Cup, the hosts were in the bottom of the FIFA rankings. But the last sixteenth of Spain, like the quitting team, the Russian has reached the quarter-finals! They did not lose to Croatia in the last match. Over time, total 120 minutes 2-2 goals, but they were excluded from the tiebreaker-luck. Russian President Vladimir Putin is so proud of Cherishev-Samedov.

Putin said that Russia’s squad was ‘heroic team’ He did not play the game at the VIP Gallery of Tomorrow. However, Mr Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that he saw Chernyshev’s play on the television screen, “He (Putin) watched the game and supported the team. We played well after playing great. They are still our hero We played with life, we are proud of them. ‘

The Russian football fans have not stopped celebrating with Croatia. After the match, they gathered in central Moscow, just after the departure of Spain. No one thought that Russia could go so far in the World Cup. Even their supporters probably did not expect so much. Russia’s opposition leader Alexei Navalani is also proud of the national team’s performance, ‘the whole country can boast with such a party’.

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