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The Village Where Nothing Stolen in Last Thirty years

EbenThal, A small mountain village located in Mayhandety County, Western Romania. Czech hill tracts inhabited by ethnic groups and are not as charming as five hill villages.

But with the other villages it is said that in the last thirty years, there was no stealing from this village on any given day. Who will steal? There is no thief in the village. There is no police station or police there. The nearest police camp is 20 kilometers away.

The interesting thing is that the small poster bag is hanging on the street with the light post or the wall of the village street. But somebody stole the bags in a day did not touch the distance. Even a person from this village does not enter the house of someone else without permission. But the story behind this kind of honesty of the people of this village is quite interesting. Ebinathal’s only bread shop was stopped by the end of 1989. The people of the village read the extreme danger. Because there are only 2 days of bread car for two weeks. As a result, when the bread car arrives, the people of the village are spending most of the time waiting for this.

One day to get rid of this pain, one day, the money kept in a bag in his house gate. The bread car comes with the money from the bag and left the bread. From then on, the villagers started adopting that path. Someone started posting someone’s price or the price of bread in the bag in the house gate. The car comes with a bag of money from his bag and left a certain amount of bread. Since somebody needs bread, someone has never stolen money or bread from someone else’s bag. As a result of this, there was an excellent tradition of being started with mutual respect.

In this tradition, the people of the village are respected for each other’s wealth. Any crime with theft of the village was stopped. The police station closed. “I have been serving as a priest for 13 years,” said Padri Bhaklov Masek of the local church, in an interview with Romanian newspaper Edwards. Never heard of any theft or any other crime. If we need anything then that is not from the neighbor. So why would you steal? ‘

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