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‘Parkingkoi’ App to Fix Traffic Congestion

A study showed that a driver spent 106 days of his life in search of parking. Besides, 30 percent of the traffic jam in Dhaka city was created for illegal parking.

Many people fall victim to the whereabouts of the hobby where they park in a new place. An app called ‘Parkingkoi’ will be released from this problem.

The app will find all parking places secure and free within 5 kilometers of the user’s location. Also, how to go there, it can also be seen through the app.

Homeowners rent their parking lots and earn their income through the app. Rafat Rahman, the founder of ‘Parkingkoi’, said that the app will coordinate between the driver and the garage owner. When the car comes out in the morning, the garage or parking space is empty. The app can be used to hire the driver for hours, days or weeks.

Even using this app, you can find cheap monthly parking. With the help of the app, parking rentals will be available from 5 to 30 taka according to location and bell. So far, over 1500 parking has been successfully completed by the app.

About the app, ‘Parkingkoi’ Chief Technical Officer Sabbir Ahmed said it was really challenging to work on parking problems and traffic congestion. We tried to create an amazing user interface app as much as possible. So that everyone can use it easily.

Regarding the safety of the users, the company’s Head of Business Arifur Rahman said, “We are verifying the National ID card for the owner and parking spaces who will pay the registration during the app.” There are a term and condition policy for both. We are verifying users who have our operation team. There are also discussions with different insurance companies.

The Google Play Store 4.6 ratings can be downloaded and downloaded from address.

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