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Three Celebrity YouTuber Died in Video Shot

Three YouTube stars died in falling down from the waterfall in Canada. The tragedy occurred on Tuesday in Shannon Falls, British Columbia, in the state of Chanón. Three of the late YouTube players named Ryker Gamble, Alexei Leach, and Megan Scrapper is a member of YouTube channel entitled ‘High On Life’. After the body was recovered and initial investigation, local police said that they fell into a canyon 30 meters below the slopes while swimming in the waterfalls. But when the Megan fell down first, the other two were also saved.

High on life basically travel channels. Its members took part in all operations in the remote areas. The photos of those moments are released by Youtube on YouTube. Instagram has over one million followers and more than 5 million subscribers on YouTube.

On the death of the two most familiar faces of High On Life, including Ricker Gamble, the other members of the channel released a video, mourning. Referring to those who died in the video, their respect and love are said to be very rare, as people of three generous, bizarre and adventurous people are rarely found.

Ricker, Leak, and Megan were seen to perform great and breathtaking work on the channel’s many videos. They also have jumpy videos on the water of many narrow or strong streams. Last year, a number of other channels, including Ricker and Leach, were banned from entering the United States for five years in the United States, due to proven crime in the United States for some risky activities. The seven-day jail was also scheduled to be held.

Youtube users are increasing day by day, risky video capture. Last year Y Yong Yingo’s popular YouTube user died when he got into a tall tower. Pedro Ruiz, another YouTube user, was killed while testing with gunshot bullets. In addition to taking shelf in the risky places, there are many incidents of death. So security is more alert now that YouTube users, However, the channels are somewhat shaky in this incident.

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