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A decade of the App Store

apple store 10 year anniversary.

Apple’s App Store completes 10 years. recently this giant IT company has celebrated ‘apple store 10 year anniversary’.

Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs announced the first app store in March 2008. Later on July 10 of the same year, the app store started with just 500 apps.

App Store has more than 20 million apps in 10 years and apps have been downloaded 17 thousand crores in the last 10 years. And during this time the app maker has earned $ 10 billion in the app store! According to Apple data, users from around 155 countries are currently using the App Store.

According to the App Store, Facebook is the top most downloaded app. There are also Messengers, Youtube, Instagram and WhatsApp names on the list. However, the most commonly used apps are NetFlix. According to users’ information, most of the attention will be currently on streaming. So users are more focused on streaming apps.

Philip Scheller, Senior Vice President, Apple’s World Wide Marketing Division said that all the great apps have been added for a long time. When app developers have the opportunity to offer apps to the app store, many types of apps have been added since then. Just a few other popular types of business are also very prominent. In the next 10 years, we can talk about the apps that people will remember after a few hundred years.

There is a huge revenue coming from games just added to the app store. The game’s creator Keith Separd and Natalia Lukaynowo, the founder of the game Emmaanji Studio, said about their temporal run game in the App Store. And in the last 10 years, we have created many more games. Only the Temple Run was downloaded more than 100 crores. Without the App Store, it was not possible. Commenting on the same experience, King Crash Game’s CEO, Kings CEO Ricardo Jaconi

Richard Huber, chairman, and CEO of HBO said in an app store to provide streaming services, Richard said, “Whenever we thought of live streaming, we put it in the app size store. We got a great response. This is one of the most popular HBO campaigns.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook said in a tweet that 10 years ago, the journey started 10 years ago from the App Store. Millions of users are getting access to this app from the store regularly. This continuation will continue.

Source: Apple Newsroom, Cnet, CNBC

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