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The women’s online work platform ‘Two Hour Job’

Women's online working platform ' Two Hour Job'

The country’s first online job-based job market ‘Two Hour Job’ started in the empowerment of women. On Sunday, the platform was inaugurated by the Postal, Telecommunication and Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabbar at a program organized by Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) located in Agargaon, the capital city on Sunday.

‘The Two Hour Job’ is a platform where women can use their own skills in various fields and provide professional services to meet the business needs of different organizations.

Minister Mustafa Jabbar said in the opening ceremony, “The need for the personal presence in the workplace becomes less important than ever before. The Two Hour Job is a platform where women do not need a personal presence. Here all things can be used to empower women. Regardless of educational background, a woman can earn money and create her identity through her skills.

Sanjida Khandakar, the founder of ‘The Two Hour Job’ platform, said, “Our platform has a total of 1,950 skilled women activists registered in 47 job categories, to provide services according to their own expertise in various initiatives including business establishments, agencies, individuals, e-commerce, and startups. Are ready. We believe that the platform will create job opportunities for a large number of skilled women sitting in the house. Apart from this, it will also help many business organizations to get a professional paycheck.

He also said, “A woman will work with her time, opportunities and jobs as well as her career, build a career, become financially self-sufficient in her own ability. Life will live independently without trusting others in life. In the country of the world, the woman herself will make her identity, her husband. Life will be unique, manifest in its light. A lot of responsibility for a girl, do not let the girl leave the carrier to make her family balance so that she can continue to sit at home. That’s why this platform.

Leveraging ICT for Growth, Employment, and Governance, Bangladesh Intellectual Property Forum, Unilever’s Brand Vime, Women and e-Commerce, Bangladesh and Ogilvi are partnering with ‘The Two Hour Job’ platform.

Speaking at the event, Brand Manager of Vim Nusrat Khandker said, “With the platform, now women can work for two hours at their convenience from any corner of the country. In this way, if women can utilize unused skills, then it is possible to contribute a lot to the country’s GDP. We spend a significant time (1 hour 45 minutes) for dishes of women in our country. The use of fibers and soap takes more time, which reduces the use of Vim Liquid. In this survival time, they can spend on this platform to meet their dreams and improve the present situation, as well as being socially and financially self-sufficient.

Tim Leader Samee Ahmed, Leaderaging ICT for Growth, Employment Leader Sammy Ahmed, Founder of Bangladesh Intellectual Property Forum Barrister Hamidul Misbah, Proprietor of Women and e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh and founder Nasima Akhter Nisha, General Manager of Agilvi Fahima Chowdhury Kayya, Chief of the Two Hours Advisor Arif The ICT department of the startup investment advisor Tina jabinasaha Hossain and others were present.

From blog writing to website creation, audio and video support, research and analysis, programming and technology, professional and creative writing, business support and legal support can all be found on this platform. Any organization or person can visit the site to get the services they need. Efficient women can register at site. The website has a secure payment system through bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard or bKash.

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