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Three New IPhone Is To Be Launched This Year

Apple new iPhones

Samsung announces Galaxy S9 and Google Pixel 2 smartphones in September this year. Now to cope with the race Apple is going to bring three new iPhones within this September.

iPhones in the market at the end of last year, the model of the iPhone will be similar to the X-designed new iPhones. But the size and screen technology will vary. As of last year, new models of iPhone this year do not have a home button but face ID instead.

The upcoming new iPhone 5.8 inches, 6.1 inches, and 6.5 inches – these three types of screen sizes are available in the market. The buzz is that the newest iPhone on the smallest screen can be called the ‘iPhone 9’ and it will be displaying LCD instead of improved LED display technology. The iPhone 6.1-inch screen can be called ‘iPhone X One’.

The iPhone’s 6.5-inch screen can be called ‘iPhone X Plus’. This is going to be the biggest screen iPhone in the history of the iPhone. According to a report on technology, the Japanese news portal Mikatakara said that the new models of the iPhone do not have a lightning port. Instead, Apple is adding a USB port to the iPhone.

Apple will unveil new models of iPhone in the first or second week of September. The tech giant will also unveil new models of Apple Watch, MacBook Air, and iPad as well as the iPhone.

References: Mirror

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