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Artificial Meteor Fell For The First Time

Artificial Meteor Falling

The meteor from the space came in the rush of nature. People were surprised to see the scene of the fall of the meteor. Thousands of years have seen the scene of the falling of the meteorite people. Some say it is the fall of a star. If we do any will, then it will be fulfilled, by the way of Bollywood, we also know that.

But what if you see the scene of artificial meteor fall, rather than the real meteor fall, how will you feel? For the first time, a Japanese company is going to create an impressive view of Meteor fall in an artificial way. The scene will be seen in the 2020 Japan Olympics in a special technique.

A Tokyo-based company has created two small satellites. From each of those two satellites, 400 different small colored shoots can be thrown anywhere, anytime. Every color thrown from the satellite will enter the atmosphere of the earth, it will only shine brightly, which can be seen from the Earth.

In March next year, the first satellite will be sent to Space Agency space in Japan by a rocket. The second satellite will then be sent to space through a private rocket.

In February 2020, those two satellites will navigate the Earth’s orbit. And in the spring of the year Hiroshima will create an amazing view of the artificial meteor fall on the occasion of the Olympic Games. Japan’s entrepreneur said, if the weather is good, then millions of people from around 125 miles of Hiroshima will have the opportunity to see this beautiful scene.

The type of chemical is being used in the artificial meteor fall, the company has kept it secret. But the spectators of various colors will see the scene of a meteor fall, the viewers will see that the company.

The company has said that it will cost a total of $ 20 million for the construction and launch of the satellite. Those two satellites will remain in the orbit of the Earth for two years.

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