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South Indian Actress Amala IS To Step In Bollywood

South Indian actress Amala Paul

Amala Paul, the popular actress of South Indian Film. She has acted in four southern films. South Indian actress Amala Paul is now going to keep her foot in Bollywood.

Arjun Rampal will play against Amla in the movie. It will be managed by Naresh Malhotra. The film is about to start shooting in October this year. The Himalayas will be visualized. Developers planned to release it next year A media report from India said.

In this context, Amal Paul said, “When Naresh’s film came to me, I was very excited. He saw some of my Tamil movies, then came to me with the project. I was excited to hear the story from him. Since he had already seen my work, he believed that I could do the character well. So no audition was needed. The character has come to me. ‘

In the past, Amala got a proposal for a Bollywood movie in the past many times. But because of not being loved, the actress returned them. However, he agreed to join everything.

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