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20 Tips to Sleep in Extreme Summer

Tips to Sleep in Extreme Summer

Extreme winter or heating is not comfortable for our body. It is very uncomfortable to sleep in these two situations. Heating more cold than cold because it is much more difficult to cool than heating itself. During the summer, it becomes very painful to sleep at night because the heat throughout the day is hot and the weather results in sleeping.

Many lay down to get a sheet or mat on the floor. But sometimes it does not work. The suitable temperature for sleeping is between 16 to 21 degree Celsius. Because the stress of the brain is slightly more cold than the rest of the body after the various pressures of the day.

It is very necessary for the body to sleep well at night. Because there is no substitute for sound sleep to be healthy and mentally healthy. One study found that brain pressure increased if it did not sleep properly and could lead to mental and physical problems.

Actually, our homes are not able to bring in extra heating. This report, along with 20 ways to sleep comfortably enough in excess heat.

* Keep your bed freezing for at least a few minutes. If you do not have sufficient space to keep the refrigerator freezing, put the pillows at least fridge.

* Apply cold water to your body, such as knee, ankle, wrists, neck, groin, and elbows by filling cold water in a hot water bag. It will get a little comfort. You can also sleep with cold water filling hot water bag with the bed.

* Refrigerate aloe vera on the body before eating the cream rich. This will keep your body cool in the excess heat.

* Fill the freezing water of the bottle of empty perfumes and keep it in your bed. Spray water from your back, neck, and knee to the back of the bottle. Get comfort.

* Put thin pants on cotton cloth. It is better to make your bed sheets, bedding, pillow covers made of cotton.

* Do not eat more of protein-rich foods in the summer. Because protein is digested, it produces plenty of heat so that the heat connection is normal.

* At least 3 hours before sleeping, eat spicy food. The body will become very cold and sweat out. As a result, you can sleep in peace.

* Do the exercises in the morning, not in the afternoon or evening. Because the body is very hot due to body exercises in the afternoon or evening.

* Take bath in the evening to reduce body temperature. Do not bathe in ice-cold water. Because of the cold you can not take extra cold and you can get cold.

* Close all the windows of the bedroom during the day. The room will be cold. Keep the screen curtains down the window.

* Turn off all electrical appliances in the bedroom that make heat.

Keep your feet cold. Try to stay barefoot or under the feet.

Keep the ice in a large container and keep it in front of the fan. The fan air will cool down in it.

Drink plenty of water during the summer. But do not drink more water at night. Before sleeping at night, half-glass water is enough to meet your night’s water needs. If you drink more in the night, it will cause a lot of pain in the urine to cause urine pressure.

* Try to sleep alone in a bed. If there is two or more in one bed, the heat produces hot as it takes hot.

* Try to sleep on the floor while feeling more hot.

* Sleeping after dipping or dump t-shirts in the water can be quite comfortable.

* Before washing, wash your hands and feet with cool water in cold water. Get comfort.

* If you sleep at night, rub a cream or lotion of your menstrual on your forehead. This will make you feel cold.

* Put a medium-sized piece of wet flanel clothes at least for one hour. Sleep on your forehead while sleeping.

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