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3 Engineers of Bangladesh Working With An Alternative Idea Of Google Map

Google Map

Google Map is now being used in the country as well. Also, this map is being used in the country in the app services like Uber, Sendo, Chalo. As a result, a dependency has been made on Google Maps.

However, the work started with alternative ideas. Three engineers of Bangladesh University of Engineering (BUET) have created an alternative Google map. Anyone with this map will get guidance on the path. The organizers have created an app named ‘Dinghy Life’. About 80 percent of the home addresses of Dhaka city have been found in this map.
On Thursday (9th August) in a hotel in the city’s Kawran Bazar, Telecom Bit Journalists Association of Telecom Reporters Network Bangladesh (TRNB) shared the details of this platform during the interaction with the members of Dinghi Technologies, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Dinghy Technologies Sajal Hazra.
The app was released on February 21 of this year. The app has been downloaded 81 thousand times so far. Through this app, you can find traffic updates and distance with roadmaps. Mapping zones have been created with data on vehicles with one and a half thousand taxis.
With this app, you can know, no bus can run on the route through ‘Dhaka City Bus’, how much of the rent, how much distance, how long it will take to reach. Intercity train stations, locations, rent information will also be here. News of electricians, sanitary mills, water mills, gas mills Through this, information related to location-based services has been uploaded. Here is the way to get a hospital, ambulance, and police assistance to get emergency services.

Entrepreneurs say, being locally reduced dependence on Google Maps and the country’s money will be saved. Google has to pay a huge amount of money every year to get their services.

Besides, TRNB president Mohammad Zahidul Islam Sajal and general secretary Samir Kumar Dey were also present in the program.

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