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Why We Become Senseless To See Blood

Why We Become Senseless To See Blood

Some people feel frightened by seeing blood or bloody clashes in a horror film. But in many cases, it can be a problem – even blood in real life. They may become unconscious by seeing blood or bloodshed, even after hearing the details of bloodshed. You may have seen the scene of such an unconscious in movies or television.

If you become unconscious after blood, then you have experienced VASGAGAL sinkopa, where your heart’s red and blood pressure suddenly becomes very fast. When suddenly your blood pressure decreases, you may lose consciousness due to decreased blood flow to the brain.

Until the symptoms of chronic low blood pressure are not seen, there is nothing to be worried about the vascular responses. Even for some reason, healthy people may also become unconscious, which is not related to blood seeing. If you lose knowledge, you can go to the doctor to make sure that it is not a serious symptom.

Another reason for losing consciousness after blood is the properties found in succession. Fred Zaigger, medical director of Center for Sinocopes and Autoimmune Disorder at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, USA, told NBC News, “A respiratory response from the caveman’s ancestors may have been unconscious. For example, think that you came to a cave and another cemetery and cut off your hand, this bloody scene or injury made you unconscious. Because you were lying on the ground, you felt dead to the cave, which did not divide your head. Zaygyar mentions that Vasovolt syncope may be the characteristics of those ancestors who survived to fight for the other day – this is an appropriate example of Survival of the Fittest.

If you understand that you are going to be unconscious then read the legs out loud, it will help keep your blood flow in the brain. Once you become unconscious, you can apply the Applied Tension Technique to get a quick recovery or raise blood flow.

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