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Clooney is the highest earner, Akshay-Salman in the top ten

George Clooney

Famous business magazine Forbes published the list of highest-paid actors. And George Clooney is at the top of the list.

Last year, from 1 June to June 1 this year, the list of taxpayers has been made in the pre-tax survey.

Clooney is behind the ‘Rock’ star Dwayne Johnson and ‘Iron Man’ Robert Downey Jr. in the list. This year, his income is $ 239 million. Which is the highest number of top actors in the list made till date.

Dwayne Johnson, named from the Wrestler, was named in the second place on the list with a net worth of $ 124 million. On the other hand, Dowie Junior’s earnings in third place are 81 million US dollars

Chris Hemsworth and Jackie Chan are the fourth and fifth places in the list. Their earnings are 64.5 and 45.5 million dollars respectively. Will Smith at the zodiac position. His income is 42 million US dollars. Interestingly, every actor earns the highest gross of this year’s highest-paid actress Scarlett Johansen ($ 40.5 million).

In addition, Bollywood actors Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan have made the top ten in the list this year. Seventh Axis in the list of 40.5 million US dollars. On the other hand, the ninth, ‘Bhaijaan of Bollywood’ with 38.5 million earnings ‘Salman’ Adam Sandler and Chris Evans, at the eighth and tenth positions this year, earned $ 39.5 and $ 34 million.

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