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How to Send ‘Secret’ Mail from Android and IOS

How to Send 'Secret' Mail from Android and IOS

Another feature of the desktop was the release of Gmail for Android and iOS users. The name of this new feature is Confidential Mode. Customers can send secret e-mails using it.
The Confidential Mode feature is introduced for desktop users earlier this year. Now it is released for iOS and Android users.

Mail forwarded, copied or downloaded using this feature cannot be downloaded. Basically, the sender has to use Confidential Mode while sending e-mail. It can be used to specify a specific time in the mail, after which the mail will be automatically deleted.

In addition, the sender can send important mail by locking it. In this case, the recipient must enter the email through the specified SMS code.
How to use Confidential Mode on Android and iPhone or iPad-

* Enter Gmail and click on Compose Options

*Click the ‘More’ option in the three dot-pointing locations in the upper right corner and from there click on the ‘Confidential Mode’ option.

*At this stage, choose the options you need

*Then click on ‘Done’ option and send mail

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