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Barber without wrist!

Barber without wrist

When we are faced with obstacles in life, we lose a little bit of enthusiasm. Let’s stop dreaming. But Gabriel is not the man to break so much like us.

Gabriel, twenty years old, grew up in the suburbs of Argentine capital Buenos Aires Without the wrist of two hands, it was born from the mother’s womb. But his absence of this wrist, or the hostile environment surrounding him, could not prevent him from doing anything. Gabriel is now the owner of a saloon in the name of Buenos Aires, by winning all the obstacles, all adversity.

Since Gabriel did not have a wrist on his hand since birth, so he wanted to do something from the small hours that the use of hand is mandatory. People who look at it will be surprised. Tell me, what is the wrist of the hand?

From that thought, Gabriel took up the haircut machine at just fourteen years of age. Then turned himself into a little bit of a skilled napita. Now people of whole Buenos Aires know their store one name. The customers in front of the store are in front of the crowd. They want to make themselves tired from him. Gabriel is also associated with an organization called Argentina Costa, engaged in training young young men.

Not just a haircut. In the last six years, Gabriel learned how to ride a bike, motorcycle and drive. That is absolutely impossible without hands.

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