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Instagram’s new feature to contact with old friends

technology-based news portal 'Techtimes'

Instagram brings a new feature to get back to old friends. Through the technology-based news portal ‘Techtimes’, it is reported that the feature is still experimental and in the initial stage.

According to TechTimes, this new feature of Instagram will be very easy to interact with old school friends. With the initial and experimental stage, the Instagram feature allows you to send a message to the school directly or to the friends of the old friends, the message can be sent. But do not need to be a follower.

The user needs to find his friend only from the community list. This is the first step of the feature.

The user will not have to do anything in the second step of the feature, rather it will automatically get the work done for the user. The job is to ensure that the person you are viewing or reading the public story is really your old friend.

The Instagram algorithm will guarantee that you and the person you are trying to find, including information on the profile of the two. Since the feature is still experimental, in the initial stage, there is no specific information about how this feature can be reached at the hands of users, from Facebook’s proprietary photo-sharing app.

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