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Batighar’s Play ‘Urnajal’ is to stage on Sunday at Shilpakala Academy

The Batighar's drama 'Urnajal'

The play ‘Urnajal’ will be staged on Sunday. The Batighar’s drama will be showcased at 77 pm at the National Dramasatge of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy. The play is directed and directed by Bakar Bakul. Assistant Director Freedom

Talking about the drama story, Bakar Bakul said, Khaled returned to his village after completing his education abroad. The long waiters are waiting for the villagers. He left the school for Madrasah on one of his father’s dreamland. Gayain Saiful Khaled’s childhood buddy grew up in the sarijira grove. Artists are disconnected from the mindset of an industry to be educated in religious education. Hurt is one of the stars.

On the other hand, who is able to cut the tongue of the Imam on the issue of blindfolded Jayalal’s janaza. Opportunism and diplomacy entered the shelter of religious ideology in opportunity. The story of ‘Uranajal’ drama has been progressing with such stories, said the indicator.

Muktanil, Saddam Rahman, Sadia Yusuf Barrata, Firoz Munir, Shafin Ahmed Tears, Sanjay Haldar, Sanjay Goswami, Shishir Sarkar, Tajim Ahmed Shawon, Sabrina Sharmin, Laboni, Smaran Biswas, Faisal Mahmud, Rumman Saru are playing different roles in the play ‘Uranajal’. , Oomi, Raju, Tajim etc.

On March 4, 2015, the opening showcase of the drama was held at the Experimental Theater of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy. It is the third production of the Batighar.

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