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Bangladeshi short film ‘Fair’ will be showcased in Delhi

seventh 'Delhi International Film Festival'

The seventh ‘Delhi International Film Festival’ is going to start. The festival will start on October 14, till 18 October. The short film of Bangladesh ‘Fair – The Fair of Silence’ has been selected to showcase this festival.

Jubayrija Mau wrote and directed the film on the shadow of Nabarun Bhattacharya’s “Dosha Dhaar” story. ‘Fear of the Fair of Silence’ was created by government funding.

In this context, Juyeiriyah Mau said, “The movie will be the world premiere by the ‘Fear of the Fair of Silence’ exhibition at the Delhi Film Festival. This news is about happiness for me and my ‘fear’ team. ”

Jueiriyah Mou, the creator of this short film of 22-minute range, also said, “How big a political or social issue spontaneously moves, it influences personal life, so I wanted to say in this story. I personally think of this. Many of us skip the issue but that issue may be a dark part of my life or my closest person! ‘

‘Fear’ short film executive producer Mitul Ahmed Photographer Raavan Saema and edited by Chaitali Samadder

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