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How to Apply for Instagram Verification

How To verify an Instagram account

The blue color tick marks in any Instagram user ID can be seen. This is the sign of account verification. Having a blue checkmark in an Instagram ID means that ID is authorized by the Instagram authorities.

For the sake of account verification, the information that you need to give will be protected by the Instagram authorities. They will not share this information with anyone.


You have to use the latest version of the Instagram app. In this case, version 60 or above is applicable to anyone.

Good internet connection will be needed.

Keep your credentials together.

How to Apply for Verification:

Open Instagram on a smartphone.

Click on the ‘avatar’ icon in the ribbon at the bottom of the app.

Now you have to click on the right three line-shaped options.

Go to Settings, click on ‘Request Verification’ option below.

Upload the name of the name you are using, the full name and a photo of your identity card.

The Instagram authorities will have to wait until the response is not received.

The App Authority response can be either positive or negative. They will tell you this information by notification in the Instagram app.

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