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Microsoft’s airband grant winner Bangladeshi ‘ME Soleshare’

ME Soleshare has been nominated for Microsoft's third annual Airband grant fund

The company has announced the names of eight startups nominated for Microsoft’s third annual Airband grant fund to deliver Internet access and cloud solutions to the underprivileged startups of the United States, Africa, and Asia through emerging startups. ME Soleshare has been nominated as the only company in Asia to receive funds from solar power to the underprivileged people of the remote region of Bangladesh.

Microsoft will invest money in the startups’ project chosen by Microsoft. Apart from this, technology will provide access to, provide training, provide networking opportunities, and provide all other support to speed up connectivity solutions for startup services.

These start-up organizations are connecting people through under-the-process Internet solutions and creating Internet-based applications that play a significant role in the development of education, healthcare, and small businesses. So Microsoft chose to donate to the top 8 startup companies this year. Among them, the only start-up organization chosen from Asia is ME Soulshare of Bangladesh.

MI Solasare is working to build Wi-Fi tower connected peer-to-solar energy platform in Bangladesh. The company is working on the PEER POWER solar energy trading platform based on Distributed Laser Technology. Besides, the company has played a pioneering role by bringing innovative ways to reach affordable solar power to all the people of Bangladesh. Under this project, electricity will reach to many families of the people who have never received electricity before.

ME Soleshare will use Microsoft’s fund to share it with internet providers, through which the company will be able to identify the mobile money partner by connecting to the site and work on secure mobile money and energy-routing mechanisms.

In this regard, Managing Director of Microsoft Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan and Laos, Sonia Bashir Kabir said, “Better Digital Inclusion and Bridging Between Digital Divide, ME Soleshare, which are the winner of the Microsoft Airbank Grants Fund and help bridge the empowerment of the remote people. We believe we can do this by working together with entrepreneurs. ‘

MI Solassar’s Chief Technical Officer Hanes Kehf said, “The conversion process is underway for the MI Solaresia platform organization. Due to being part of the Microsoft Airband initiative, this process will be more dynamic as well, we will move towards excellence. In this case, a remarkable example is to reach the communication infrastructure everywhere. ‘

Airbend Grant is part of Microsoft’s Airband initiative, which works on moving ahead with all the obstacles in getting affordable internet services. Airbend Enterprises is helping the start-up potential start-up people who are working to create innovative technologies, services, and business models.

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