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Quick way to overcome constipation

quick way to overcome constipation.

Do you often have digestion problems? So you can imagine, you are suffering from constipation problems. Constipation may be due to some reasons. However, due to the slow digestion of food in the digestive system, this problem is high. Here the quick way to overcome constipation.

Why is constipation?
When colon or colonizes excess water, constipation occurs. The stomach muscles become quite inactive during this time, so the problem is created in the stomach. Several fruits are useful in reducing constipation faster. For example,

Taking banana can easily remove constipation, this is a long time tested. Because there is a lot of fiber in the colon, which can easily remove this problem. The collar fiber absorbs water from the large intestine of the body. The stool is soft. Ripe banana plays an important role in digestion.

There are plenty of fiber-in-the-soluble and insoluble two types. Soluble fiber is known as pectin. Pectin helps to expel the food by digesting the unnecessary portion of the stool. Apple also plays a role in the production of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Playing apples gives more fiber than the nutritionists say.

There is plenty of vitamin C and fiber in orange. According to the American Department of Agriculture, the white razor-like part of the orange cell is in part. There is more fiber in there.

A medium-sized pear contains 5.5 g fiber, which meets daily demand. The pear has plenty of fructose and sourbittole, which can easily remove constipation. Fructus accelerates the Bauvel Movement. On the other hand, sourbital keeps the flow of water in the colon. Constipation rapidly decreases in it.

There is also a lot of fiber in the grains of grams found in the village. Studies have shown that digestion keeps the digestion fresh. Apart from this, people from different countries have been eating almonds to remove constipation. It contains a lot of fiber, which plays a big role in digestion. Some foreign fruits, such as kiwi fruit and berry fruits, are also useful in removing constipation.

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