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9 uncommon symptoms of breast cancer

most common symptoms of breast cancer

The most common symptoms of breast cancer are lumps or bumps. But the nine symptoms mentioned in this report can also be signs of breast cancer if any of these are targeted, then the doctor should be called.

* Nipple discharge
If you are breastfeeding or pregnant, there is nothing to worry about breast discharge or lactation. But for other women, a few types of discretion should be examined by the doctor. Dr. Shepherd said, “Nipple discharged for a long time, greenish or haludov or red discharge can be a symptom of breast cancer. Especially if the sudden discharge starts and closes again and discontinued again and again stopped and the cycle continues.

* Abnormal spots
Black or brown or abnormal spots can be an aggressive type of breast cancer in rare cases, called Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

* Red spot or sore spot
Another symptom of inflammatory breast cancer is that of red spots or calyx-like skin on the skin. If you have these developments and have longer than normal soreness, then you should seek medical help.

* Nipple change
Your nipple size or size does not usually change, unless you are pregnant. But your tumor may change these nipples. Dr. Shepherd said, “Any kind of changes in the nipple (for example, entering into nipple breast) should be screened for breast cancer.”

* Changes to skin structure
Experts say that the change in the structure of the breast can indicate that something is not right. Dr. Shepherd said, ‘Breast cancer can sometimes change the structure of the breast.’ He said, ‘Do not notice that there is a hole in the red surfaces or surfaces of orange on the surface of the skin, because the cancer cell blocks obstruction of the small lymph nucleus within the nipple. Tissue inflammation. ‘

* Breast swelling and pain
It is not unusual to have swelling or pain during the period of menstrual cycle or early pregnancy. That is why women do not think that it can be a breast cancer symptom. Dr. Shepherd said, “If a breast grows upwards or swells, then it should be examined. If a lump is deep beneath the surfaces, you may not feel it, but your breasts may swell a bit.

* Nipple size changes
Weight gain, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, or breastfeeding may affect the size and structure of your breasts. But without any of these changes your breast structure can be a symptom of cancer, in this case screenings should be done.

* Toll
Recently, a medical incident in the United States has become viral on Facebook: Breast cancer has been identified in one woman whose breast was the only symptom of cancer and it is a small tooth in the breast. But there is nothing to be surprised. According to experts, one of the most common symptoms of breast tumor or deep breast cancer.

* Itching on the skin
Eating can also be a symptom of Breast Cancer on your breast skin due to not being well fit bra, Hit Rash, Contact Dermatitis or other skin problems. Jessica Shepherd, assistant professor of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, located in Chicago, said, “If the skin lacks unwanted redness, swelling, skin irritation, itching or new rashes or when a rash is long, check with the doctor.”

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