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Kremlin’s musical hopes

Druti, Rattri, Chiring and Kripanjali, four girls from the Garo community, began the journey of their rock band, Kremlin, with high hopes.

However, their path was not one without hurdles. “People had doubts about me playing the drums properly,” says Chiring, the drummer of Kremlin. “I have been told men are better drummers than women.”

Arranging financial resources is another concern for the band. “We are all students, so we sometimes struggle to manage the expenses for instruments and shows,” says Kripanjali, the vocalist of the band.

But with the support of the people around them, the young musicians are determined to achieve their goals.

The girls, who are fans of Warfaze, have previously performed in Rock O Phone: Season 3, a concert arranged by A’chik Band Community of Bangladesh. They are hugely inspired by The Cranberries, Scorpions and Artcell. In the future, they hope to gift a rock song in the Garo language to music lovers.

Source: Daily Star

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