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My Christmas Time homecoming Love based story with Jane and Aaron

A love story by Ira Zenith

It all started on a stormy rain-soaked day… that was Friday, the last day of the week. A strong wind started to blow first then the storm came rolling. Jane was inside her high school classroom watching the storm doing massacre. She loves to watch stormy activities… uncontrollable wind force… bending down the trees full of leaves and flowers…
Just then the mysterious feeling flashed over her heart and mind. She gazed at the Eucalyptus tree … that stood tall even in the strongest blow of wind… maybe it’s a masculine tree … like her father who stood tall in every storm he encountered. She felt a very special feeling … yet that was the sweetest feeling she ever felt for someone… no not for a masculine human being … she felt it for the creature of another rooted wooden species … the Eucalyptus tree, standing with the other high trees on the outer border of her high school playground. The ancient feeling called ‘love’ clicked in her soul.
Since then she secretly started to talk to that tree, sit down alone after school, under that tree and even started to write her private journal, addressing her crush … the tree… she started almost worship the tree.
Her father was her role model… idol; what her mother hid from her is that her handsome father had a rare psychological condition near to auditory hallucination in a peculiar way… she also started to suffer this disease … couldn’t share this problem with her mother or anybody else, as she thought she is the child of a perfectly healthy couple. She thought maybe this is her love life…
She was suffering from this self-called love affair as she couldn’t think of any human masculine being… yet she couldn’t dream of leaving the feeling to stop loving that Eucalyptus tree as her beau.
That was the night before her 10+2 year final exam… Jane was closing her door to go to sleep… that tree ordered her to lock the door from inside… that was the first time she locked her door while going to sleep. And whala… she had a nice time in her dreams. The tree came in her dream with a pair of green eyes and wooden face… She had a super romantic night with ‘Him’.
She looked super fresh and lovely just like a girl had a night out with her lover. She started to do better in her studies… A voice… The tree… talks to her all the time. That was like working with two brains… She started to do better in Maths too… the subject she was not good at, before. She started to feel like she is being blessed.
Every night in her dreams … that green-eyed wooden fellow comes to comfort her feelings… even in the crowd, he is always with her. He started to talk in her ears whenever any guys show her any ‘love interest’. Yes, she abides by his words and immediately reject that guy and stays close to that tree’s heart… with all her fidelity. Everything was going smooth but one day … she refused to listen to the voice she hears all the time and that was the day before her final year honors exam… She was trying to concentrate on her studies, unintentionally she looked at the ceiling … Oh! My, my,… There was a lizard… how could a lizard come inside her room … isn’t it resides in the tree she loves… her sense of logic failed when she heard the tree’s loud and clear … strong voice, “Don’t sit on the chair until the lizard moves aside… For the first time in her life, she was afraid of the voice, lizard and her life… she didn’t sit down … and study… and the lizard stayed in that position for hours… what a stagnant and strange situation…
Yes! On that day she was feeling exhausted and thought of a possible break up with her longtime lover … the tree.
This lover started to stalk her … and this thing happened totally in her heart and mind. The voice started to sound strange and louder, at times she was afraid of the voice might be heard by others around…she tried her level best to calm that voice down… but she was sure enough to get rid of this tree lover…
She drove three long hours to her high school to meet the tree from her University just to dig a hole and returned the ring she used to wear under that tree… she bought herself in love with that special Eucalyptus tree. She talked to that tree in the clear voice for the first time in her life, though that sounds ridiculous … yet she did this for the sake of her possible breakup. She pleaded with the tree too, let her go … she narrated before the tree the struggling days and nights … she couldn’t have a good night’s sleep for months… as the tree in her heart was not in the mood to comfort her passionately. The tree stood tall all the while and didn’t even move a single branch to bid her goodbye.
Returning home … to her horror, when she looked into the mirror … the pair of angry green wooden faced eyes were looking back at her through her dark brown eyes…
She finally perceived that actually, these are all happening inside her brain … Not the tree, neither she is in love … there was no bondage between the two… There never was…
She cried her heart out for a day to made up her mind … for her lost love … all those lovey-dovey days… and then she Googles all the doctors of her city … and choose a middle-aged popular one…
Dr. Aaron Iyer… The receptionist with a sweet voice ensured her an appointment … That was Thursday and she’ll be the last patient … said the receptionist.
While waiting outside she had a feeling … the same feeling she had as a high school student in her teenage time when she first had him… The tree… she was thinking of her frenzy days with the tree in her heart as her only lover …
Ms. Jane Naira … The green-eyed middle aged average looking doctor with a friendly smile on his lips made him look exceptionally attractive to Jane. She stood up … and followed him towards his chamber.
The session started. The first session was the ‘point of inflection’ in her life. He comforted her with some questions she dared to answer otherwise.
All her soft and secret points were disclosed … and unveiled session after session.
She started to feel confident without deeply rooted entity … the tree … in her life.
And on one nice Saturday, she could meet her eyes again in the mirror without being paranoid.
Ten years went by … she is a successful entrepreneur now…
On one idle Saturday dawn, she was washing her hair … in the shower… she felt short of breathing.
Oh! No!
For the first time in her life, she perceived that she needs some rest … she went to sleep.
And when she woke up she felt the same feeling again… as if her heart will come out of her throat.
Now she perceived, before leaving she has a final job to do… she Googles the name she searched all those days for the last ten long years… and without hesitation, she sends him an adding request … though deep in her heart she knew it … she won’t match his other fellows …
Actually, she had a hole in her soul. Unintentionally she sewed his shadow while mending…
The next dawn she found out, he didn’t add her. Instead, he changed his profile picture after these long years. And that comforted her, at least … she got her recognition silently.

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