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Quiz: Can you identify chocolate bars WITHOUT their wrappers? See how many you can name

We all have our favourite chocolate bars and it probably only takes you a few seconds to recognise its distinctive packaging on the shelf at your local shop.

But when it comes to identifying your favourite choccy treat WITHOUT the wrapper, do you think you could do it?

Are you the type of person who rips off the packet and stuffs the bar into your face while watching the telly – without giving it a second glance?

Our colleagues at Wales Online have come up with a foolproof quiz* to see how much attention YOU pay to your chocolatey snacks. And it’s surprisingly difficult…

*Warning: This will make you hungry

The ultimate indulgence is with melted chocolate profiteroles, we think.

If that tantalises you enough (we bet it does) to want to whip something up yourself, check out this brilliant Good Living recipe. The profiteroles can be found here, meanwhile. You may as well have a fondue too.


Source: mirror news

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