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Cherishing Christmas Eve

Christmas comes with enormous joy as all Christians prepare to cherish Christ’s birth since the first day of December. December 25th is a much awaited day for all who believe in the legacy of Jesus’s birth and thus the preparations start for the day before his birthday that is December 24. There are various fun and enjoyable activities associated with the pre-prepareation  along with a series of events planned for the special occasion.

The celebration begins with a pre-Christmas eve celebration as all members of the family gather together to enjoy a welcome party where they prepare for the big day. It’s a glimpse of the upcoming glory for the next day.

Baking the birthday cake
Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus, a delicious delicacy of baked cakes and muffins are a must on the menu for the eve. Dried fruits and nuts, raisins, orange marmalades, almonds, are mixed with a butter based cake batter and put up in the oven for baking. The smell that comes off the oven after a while sets tiny human rats of the house to wander in frenzy.

Muffins, topped with chocolate chips and coconut garnishes are a treat to the eye as they melt in the mouth leaving behind an undeniable craving for more and more to be tasted.

Before the day, all relatives and family members try to buy Christmas presents for others. They try to fulfil all their desired expectations that can be presented in packed boxes.

The boxes are packed with colourful and shiny wrappers and tied with glitter or printed ribbons and placed in a sack with which the Santa Claus is supposed to arrive.

Decorating the Christmas tree
A decorated Christmas tree with colourful lighting is the most essential part of Christmas decoration. Tiny light bulbs playing hide and seek under the pine tree branches flash like crystals radiating multi-coloured magnificence. Glittering stars, blue, silver, red and golden, hanging from the tree branches, with tiny transparent threads create illusion as the threads are not visible and it seems as if the stars has landed on the tree bushes divinely.

Fake cotton snowflakes, almost resembling real snowflakes add a surreal touch to the decoration. Numerous gift pacts and boxes, packed with gorgeous wrappers and tied with silky ribbons are placed at the root of the tree as the family wait to surprise each other with their desired presents.

Santa Claus myth
We all know Santa myth. It is believed by the children that the night before Christmas, the Christmas father, commonly known to us by the name of ‘Santa Claus’ will visit us as we sleep and bring a sack full of gifts. He will climb down through our house and place our wished presents at the foot of our decorated Christmas trees.

Generally, we all know that’s a myth but it’s rude to dishearten anyone on Christmas Eve. Thus, the illusion is not broken and to make the kids enjoy to their fullest, a Santa Claus is attired. He is stuffed with a pillow under his belt to create his huge stomach and cotton patches are attached to his cheeks to create his white beard.

Finally, he is dressed in a red overcoat and a hat is placed on his head. Thus the Santa, with his sack full of gifts, enters the house saying, “Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas all!”

The last mess and meal
After the Santa arrives, he gives the gifts and leaves with a promise to come back next year with more gifts. The last prayer is then said as the family sits together and thanks their lord for the joy and expressed their excitement for his arrival.

The evening ends in prayers and hopes for a better year coming ahead.



Source : Daily obserbsr

Collected by Rocky Gauri

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