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He Is Survived by Hundreds of Snake Bites

Taking poisons of one hundred snakes will give immortality. In his addiction, Many took the snake bites in the body. Many people have seen such scenes on silver screen. But have you ever heard of such incidents?

Northern Philippine Cobra The bitter poisonous snake bites a few minutes after his death. But Joe Quililan survived like a healthy person at least once a week after bite of this snake. That’s why he is called ‘Venom Man’.

He started his horrific game of his life only from the age of fourteen. One day a bark snake bites him while walking in the forest. After biting, he went on to do normal work thinking that nothing was done instead of going to the Quililan hospital. Neighbors and even her family members thought she could not be saved. But by proving the idea of everyone, the survival of the teenager Qualilan survived.

Start from that In this terrible game, you know that your life will be in danger. Hundreds of different poisonous snakes bite hundreds of times. Several times he came back from the death knell. Lost one finger of myself. Yet, he did not step away from eating snake bite every week. But why is he doing this year after year? An investigative report from the GMA network reveals that a thirty-year-old Philippine citizen occupied the job. Its business with snakes. He is biting the snake so that his body naturally becomes a venom of the snake. It does not even die of any venomous snake bite in the world.

Qualilan showed his ability to appear on a television reality show recently. During the show, he bites two Northern Philippine cobras. He was then taken to the hospital for final examination. The doctors of the hospital examined her blood, saying she was completely healthy. But doctors could not explain how naturally his body was poisoned by snake venom.

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