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A Law Student Becomes Minister at only 25 !

Saeed Sadiq Abdul Rahman

She studied at the Military College. He later studied law at university. He took the highest degree of law from International Islamic University. At the age of 25, the law student was made the minister of law. This is the story of Saeed Sadiq Abdul Rahman of Malaysia. Malaysian youth and sportsman has been given him. Mahathir Mohammad Sarkar of Malaysia has placed a young man in the cabinet building in the cabinet.

In a statement after being appointed as the youngest minister of the country, he said that the government proved that by appointing a young man like him he has welcomed young leadership.

He said, ‘the government believes that the fate of the youth o the country and their future will be determined. Through this recruitment, youth participation in the future of the country will increase’.

The young politician who was born in December 1992. In the country’s Juhor province, Poonai won parliamentary elections and won. Being so young, Saeed Sadiq has been floating in the sea of praise. However, many have criticized, whether it has been qualified to take the responsibility of an important ministry.

However, Said said that he will try to fulfill the responsibility he has received properly. He believes that if everyone works, he can achieve success.

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