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The dangerous symptoms of men’s health


June iss the month of men’s health awareness. But unfortunately, many men ignore those deadly symptoms that should not be. Maybe hazardous – the first episode of the two episodes of men’s health-related reports today.

Persistent itching: If you are more prone to itching, it is probably not harmful and it can be easily treated as dry skin or contact dermatitis. Dr. Jampella said, there may be signs of excessive itching and severe acne. He said, ‘There may be signs of frequent itching of lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and even diabetes and should be consulted for the actual diagnosis.’

Problems in urine: If you have problems with urination or have urine or urine or have unexpected erectile dysfunction, then know that these can be symptoms of prostate cancer. Go to the doctor to determine what has happened or is there.

Testicle lamps: According to the Urology Care Foundation, for most men, the most common symptom of painkiller lump or pandemic cancers. Other symptoms include excess weight in the femur, may cause painful swelling in the testicle or pain in the testicle, orthole or groin, or dull pain. Do not wait in this case, because early diagnosis of endoscopic cancer is the most cure and curable cancer.

Excessive sore spot: If you notice that there is always a scar on the sore, especially in those places where it usually does not, such as your hands or fingers, show the doctor. Abnormal sore spots may be leukemia symptoms. It is a possible symptom of cancer that men should not be neglected.

HPV: Dr. “Human papillomavirus (HPV) can cause penile cancer or cancer, and genital warts,” said Jampela. Genetic or the surrounding skin may include wart glands, 50 percent of people with HPV do not know about it, which is at risk for their partner Could keep He said, ‘We have a vaccine to prevent it.’

Jaundice: The skin, the white part of the eye, and the mucous membrane collide, it is understood that jaundice has occurred. This happens when the level of Bilirubin in the blood increases. A healthy liver makes metabolic metabolism in bilirubin to reduce the level of bilirubin in the blood. There are many possible causes of jaundice, but there is a scary news that it can be a symptom of pancreatic cancer, which you should not ignore.

Pain in the jaw: Dr. Applebouem said, ‘chest pain and pressure are common symptoms of cardiovascular disease. But jaw and neck pain, arm numbness, feelings of inconvenience and respiration – especially when these symptoms occur and when they go back to rest, it can also be a sign of heart disease or heart attack in men. ‘Also no other signs of heart attack, Understand that the heart attack is going to happen.

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