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France or Belgium: Who Will Be in the Final?

Embapp and Lukaku.

The World Cup 2018 is about to end. The final is knocking at the door. France will face Belgian in the first semi-final to go first in the fight The match will start on Tuesday at 12.00 in the morning. The match will show BTV, Maasranga and Nagorik TV.

The match where the fight for the return of the old tradition of France, there has historically been for Belgium. Who last played the semifinals in 1986. After a long time, the Red Devils thronged the golden race again to win the title. Their opponents are the new Awakening team France.

In the last tournament, long horse racing was considered to be Belgium. The luck was not theirs. Argentina has to be defeated in the quarter-finals by The group is now more aggressive in Russia. In the semi-finals, Martyn’s team, with difficulties to overcome all the difficulties. If they win the semifinal, they will play the first final in the history. The history will be confronted. On the other hand, France’s finals were rich but won the title only once in 1998.

So when the two European teams will play in the field, they will normally want to throw all of the thrills in this match. Where the two teams are offensive football. All the stars who have experienced in each position. So Belgian midfielder Kevin de Bruin, with regard to France at the semis, though, ‘When you arrive at the semis, but the opponent, he is not very ordinary. We are on the same line with France. But we will try to do everything in a mental and physical way. Because you want to do everything to win. That’s football. ‘

Fielding for Belgian, Romleu Lukaku shakes. The highest scoring striker for the team. So he is very careful about France defender Rafael Verane. Concerned about their strategy to stop him, the French star said, ‘Belgian is a very young group. They’re growing up. I know how hard the match will be. In particular, Lakaku will create physical threats. We do not want to give him any place. Because he is a quality player. ‘

Thinking about the attack, the team of two coaches. France coach Didier Desmond said, “I know Martins. She wants to show me the technique. Belgium coach Martins, who thinks similarly, ‘Whoever has enough support from the middle of the field, he will be ahead. But it is of land. ‘

Although the two coaches have to fight in the fight against the attack, there are contradictory battles in front of the two teams. The French won all three matches in the big tournament. Two of which are in the World Cup. In the first round of 1938, World Cup France won 3-1 goals. In 1986, they won 4 of the match in an extra-time match in the third position.

Belgian, too, is not behind. Belgium has won 30 matches in all competitions. France won 24 out of 24 Two teams faced 74 times for this. The draw is 19 So the semifinal is the match that excites the excitement!

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