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Sued Against Johnny Depp for the Assassination

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp

The case against popular Hollywood actor Johnny Depp has been filed. A case has been filed against the actor recently for his role in the murder of a crew of City of Lewis, a Western film.

According to a report published in the press, Greg Rocky Brooks, the location manager, filed a case against Johnny Depp. He complained that Johnny Depp paused twice on his left side of the pajra. The incident happened in April of 2017. Shooting in the City of Los Angeles in and around Berkeley Hotel in Los Angeles was going on. Like that day, when he was about to stop shooting the movie, he was hit.

Brooks claimed that he was asked to sign an agreement not to file a case. But he did not agree to this because he was terminated. He complained that he was getting the smell of alcohol from Johnny Depp’s face during the assault. Brooks also complained that the actor used to drink alcohol and drink in the shooting set.

As well as Johnny Depp, a case has also been filed against producer Miriam Segal, director Brad Farman, production company Good Films and Indictime Mihil.

There is no statement yet from the accused on the matter, the media said.

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