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Incredible robbery at Apple store

Incredible robbery at Apple store at day time

Incredible robbery has happened in the days of Apple Store. This phenomenon of robbery has soaked the public that everyone is surprised

On Saturday morning, this incident happened in an Apple store in the Fresno area of California. Four people reading Hoodie ran suddenly to the Apple Store and in front of everyone, Apple, Apple and MacBook, along with the iPhone, MacBook, cheated on Apple products.

The CCTV camera was found in the shop, the suspects ran into the shop and ran away from the shop with the electronics items from the exhibition table. Customers whose employees are in the visual proof shop

From the Fresno Police Department, Lieutenant Mark Hudson told a TV channel that the team has taken several different models of MacBook and iPhones.

In the middle of the shop, some middle-aged school students were scared to flee, watching the thieves fleeing the laptop. A buyer stood at the main door, who tried to stop the thieves but could not.

Hudson said five people were involved directly in the incident. A 16 to 16-year-old car was waiting outside the shop.

According to police, the criminals did not show any type of weapon.

The police started the investigation of this incident. All CCTV cameras nearby are being tested again and again. Nearly two and a half months ago, there was no connection to this incident with another robbery similar to that happened in San Luis Abidos.

Hudson said there are reports of incidents happening in different places in California. But it is being investigated whether these events are related to one another.

References: ABC Action News

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