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Facebook Appoints Google’s Top Engineer to Make Chips

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Social networking giant Facebook has appointed one of the top-ranked engineers of search giant Google Shahriar Ravi, the engineer, will lead the company’s own chip design project. The technology news media in The Verge and NGaget

According to The Worz News, Facebook launched its own chip project at the beginning of the year. The company then started recruiting employers to create hardware chips for server and customers. Shahriar Ravi has been appointed as part of this.

The news report says that Google recently appointed some of Apple’s top chip designers. Facebook has appointed one of the key chip designers Ravi Robi will now be acting as a Vice President of Facebook and Head of Silicon.

Most tech giants are currently focusing on creating their own chips. Facebook has recently joined this trend. Earlier, chips were dependent on Intel or Qualcomm for the companies. But now they are increasing their capabilities.

Apple has built its own custom processor for iOS for almost a decade. Also, recently they started creating chips for artificial intelligence and other work. It is believed, by ২0২0 Apple Mac computers will use Intel processors instead of custom processors.

Meanwhile, Amazon started its own chip earlier this year. This initiative took the initiative for some special features of Artificial Intelligence Smart Speakers.

On the other hand, Google has built its own Custom Visual Core Chip for the Pixel Smartphone. One of the company’s designers such as Chip Designer, Shahriar Rabi, joined Facebook. From now on, he will be working on creating a custom processor for Facebook.

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