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Android Pie Is About To Launch

Android pie

There were many rumors about Android ‘P’. There were speculation and rumor about what could be referred with the letter ‘P’. Many thought too much but in the end, the name ‘Pi’ was chosen by name ‘P’.

The ninth version of Android or Android 9.0 or Android pie can be found first on Google’s pixel phone. And at the end of the year, it will be available on other phones. Although the Beta version of the Android P was launched for developers for so many days.

Android pie is basically gesture-based and has a home button. There is also the back button. The innovation can now be found on Android, the features of the app action name. The apps that you use in the app’s drawer or app are shown in the form of suggestions. That means you do not have to find your favorite app in many apps. Besides, the feature called ‘Slice’ will show you a specific app’s information without opening it.

There is also a battery or power saving feature. Moreover, the biggest attraction of this version is the Digital Wellbeing. You can specify how much time you want to spend in your app.

For example, if you think you spend a lot of time on Facebook, you can set a time for Facebook. When that time is over, you can not use Facebook. You have to come back to the settings and open Facebook.

Similar to some amazing features and artificial intelligence is rich in Android’s new version of Android pie.

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