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The Boy Who Starts His Ph.D. At Just 15!

The boy who started his Ph.D. at 15

What is the age, this is not a problem. I am talking about the teenager who has been passionate about studying and wanting to study. I am talking about the boy who starts his Ph. D. at just 15.

At age 15, a boy is going to do Ph.D. in California, USA.

The phenomenon of the American assassin The state of California. The teenager named Tanishq Abraham (15). She is of Indian origin. US citizens

The boy recently graduated from the University of California in Biomedical Engineering.

The University of California has the opportunity for research. MD degree in the next four-five years. Do with PhD

A wonderful device named Taniaisk Abraham has already discovered a wonderful device. Her heartbeat her heart without touching the burner.

Tanishq is very happy to start Ph.D. in just 15 years. Tanishq’s parents said, ‘we are very happy with our son. We are always with our son.’

Tanishq is going to startPh.D.D with gene He said, ‘the goal of my research is to find the solution for cancer treatment.I want everyone’s blessing in this work.’

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