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RUET student working with Microsoft: How he got the chance

Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology

He dreamed of being a pilot in his childhood. But the dream has changed him. Software Engineer has been. Have the opportunity to work in the world famous Microsoft. Asif Khan Chowdhury, a student of Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology, is a dream runner. But his identity is now Microsoft engineer.

This son of Satkhira has spent his childhood in Satkhira. After completing school and college life from this district, Asif was admitted to Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology. Asif was involved with Math Olympiad since his school days. Problem Solving started in 2011. As well as studying, he gave importance to Problem Solving, as well as participating in different programming competitions at the parallel. Asif’s participation in participating in these competitions was the experience of various types of experience. And by using these experiences he is becoming a great engineer.

Asif’s dream begins in the university life Salis Rocking Software offers a job for Asif as a junior software engineer at a job fair in Rajshahi University. He did not test the final yet. Later, Asif joined the test by completing the Final Test, After working in Selis for one year and seven months, in Asif Pass in Sweden in September, 2017, in Sweden. Join in Adfenix Abbey From there, Nadda joined later. Just after joining Nassda, call him from Microsoft Asif On March 1 of this year, a Microsoft developer named Asif said that they want to take an interview with Asif. Then on March 21, Asif was interviewed in Copenhagen. There were three other candidates with Asif present there.

In the interview, Asif was given a number of problems to be salvaged. Asif has taken a look at all the problems except for a few judges. Then on March 23, he was confirmed by the job of Microsoft.

Asif says, the CGPA does not carry any significance for success. The efficiency is real. That is the key to success. During the entire job interview at Microsoft, no one asked him how much his CGPA was. They tested their skills and capabilities. Asif thinks it should be. Therefore, it can not be restricted to itself in the study medium. As well as study, there should be equal importance in achieving skill in the field of choice.

Asif was actively involved with several organizations of the University. Notable among these are proportional and astronomy and science society of rouit. He also played an important role in establishing RUET analytical programming lab.

After getting a job like a big company like Microsoft, Asif does not want to stop dreaming. He thinks there is no end to the dream. Asif has the desire to be zealous. Besides, he dreamed to be a good leader. He is committed to working in the development of Bangladesh and the world. Asif is dreaming about young generation

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