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Students Have To Go Through Drug Test To Get Admitted In Jahangirnagar University

Jahangirnagar University Admission Test 2018.

Jahangirnagar University is going to decide the admission of students through the drug test to know whether admission students are drug addicts. Due to the increase in the horrors of the university campus, Professor Dr. Farzana Islam is thinking like this. This process will be applicable in Jahangirnagar University Admission Test 2018.

VC Prof Farzana Islam said, our chief medical officer gave me a terrible information. At night, many students come to the center of medicine with drugs, who want to vandalize, kill doctors. That’s why our part-time doctors do not want to do any further duty at night. It is not possible to give women doctors.

So we are thinking now that if a drug test can be done then the students can be admitted. We have proposed this in the central admission committee. We think more. A boy got a chance at the university with merit and good results, then dropped out of the drug test. Or we take responsibility for his treatment! Which would be more human? That’s why we are not hurrying about this, and more. You also think, which is good.

Calling for not involving the drug, the VC said to the young students, the open environment of university knowledge is open. This does not mean that you sit in the supertala (a place adjacent to the university’s transport premises) until 3 pm. No knowledge is practiced in the supervisor. There is no education there. If you are studying, it is only in the hall. Your family parents will never accept what is happening there. We are like your parents at the university. We can not accept it. Discipline is not always a chain.

In the speech of President Zahir Raihan auditorium of the university on Thursday (July 26th) at the entrance ceremony of Jabir young students, VC Prof Farzana Islam said this.

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