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A relationship enlightens the world

Sharmin Islam Mouri

Sr. Lecturer
Department of Business

World University of Bangladesh

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Teachers are the most powerful maker of the society . It is just possible for the teachers to make a good

nation throughout their versatile knowledge and ideas . After completing the initial stages a students

have to start a new journey with the help of a new institution and with a number of a large and different

types of teachers. Sometimes it is tough job for a students to create a comfortable environment at first

of their career. It is only possible for a teacher to help the students, who can create a  friendly environment

class, which can ensure a best support for a student for their student life.


 Notification :      A friendly moment with the students of WUB  (writer : green indicator)

 A student have to learn a large area of

courses through their whole career period and by this long time a student need a proper guideline which can

provide by the  teachers through  their whole career proud which can provide by the teachers through  their

friendly behavior and familiar relationship. Because at present there create some unfavorable events by

the university students, which is a threat for the institutions and image crisis for the nation. Because when

a students  feel teachers are their strength and they can council by their teachers at any types of problems ,

for the students which will increase their creativity and their efficiency .So it is most important relationship

which can lead a nation to ensure a better life.


Collected by Rocky Gauri

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