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Five Ways To Avoid Fake Apps

how to identify fake app

Often we download fake apps because we can not properly recognize the original app. But the consequences of these fake app downloads are also awful.

If you download fake apps on your smartphone, then your personal information may be unbearable, which may be a serious harm to you.

So always download genuine apps only. But this task is not easy. Because there are almost everywhere spreading fake apps. So first you have to know how to identify the fake app and refrain from downloading it.

Always download the app from the official app store
Always download apps from the official app store. Maybe you have the opportunity to download apps from other places. But avoid the sources of app downloads as much as possible. However, many apps are found to be harmful in official app stores. However, the official App Store authorities are trying to remove them as soon as possible. So always rely on the official app stores and this will greatly reduce the possibility of fake app downloads.

Read the details of the app
Did you find lots of spelling or grammatical errors in an app? In this case, you can take it as a potential hint for a fake app. There is no doubt that a trusted developer will not make this kind of mistake. So in such an error in the basic details of an app, it means that the app is more likely to be fake.

Review the reviews seriously
Intelligent appraisal to read reviews of an app before downloading it. If an app is fake, then somebody will definitely mention it in some reviews. So do not forget to see what others have said about the app before downloading an app.

Please verify the developer’s background
Try to visit the app developer’s website or try to learn about it from the app store details. Before downloading an app, always try to know about its developer. If you find something suspicious in this case – like if they do not have a profile through a website or social network, it would be wise to not download the app.

Please also consider the download number
It is a very good index to verify that an app is fake or not. If the number of downloads is very high, it is unlikely that such a large number of people have been deceived by it.

But keep in mind that the above points are not constant to verify that an app is genuine or fake. There may also be efforts in different ways. However, rather than downloading an app in a blind faith rather than downloading these points, it is better not to download it by verifying it?

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