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Scientists revealed The Reasons of Extramarital Affairs

The reasons of extramarital affair

This is something that most people are afraid of – who wants to be deceived about bridal. Why some people are involved in extramarital affairs. The top 8 reasons have been found by scientists.

Scientists at the University of Maryland of the United States surveyed 562 adults, who were engaged in an extramarital affair after having a promising romantic relationship. The main researcher Dr. Dylan Selterman said, “Although there has been a great deal of cheating, there is not much research about why people are involved in extramarital affairs.” He said, “It can help to gain a deep understanding of the couple about motivating a person to get involved in immorality, repair damaged relations or help prevent the onset of betrayal in the first phase. It can also be helpful for doctors during therapies.

About 80 questions were asked about the participants in the study, from whose answers the researchers identified eight common causes of extramarital affairs. The results of the research have shown that while men may be more motivated to immorality under pressure of sex, diversity, and situation, women can get involved in negligence from the victim.

Researchers have even reported that the motivation for diversity is associated with betrayal, which can happen with azkoo – even in the case of seemingly happy relationships. Dr. Selterman said, ‘We often hear that betrayal is not a symptom, the cause of a damaged relationship. Our research says that the matter is not so simple: people are involved in immoral reasons, there are many reasons that are not directly reflecting the condition of the relationship.

Top 8 reasons for the inclusion of the extramarital affairs are:

* Anger: From revenge on the traitor partner.

* Sexual desire: In connection with sex with the partner feel unhappy and try to do something new.

* Lack of love: losing passion or interest from your partner.

* Neglect: The desired amount of love, respect, and attention is not available.

* False compromise: Not being able to be as promising as each other or to understand the specialty of the relationship.

* Situation: Includes situations outside the normal life of a human. Such as Spree, holiday, or severe stress.

* Self-love: From being asked to increase self-interest by involving many people with me. Variety: Many people want to have a sexual experience

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