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Computer Will prescribe!

artificial intelligence

Scientists have discovered the correct method of eye examination and diagnosis through the computer using artificial intelligence.

The UK’s London-based Murfields Eye Hospital and ‘Deep Mind’, a company of Google, jointly invented this method.

Scientists claim that it is possible to diagnose and prescribe more than 50 diseases of the eye using this artificial intelligence. It is believed that the use of artificial intelligence will play an important role in diagnosis and treatment.

According to BBC News, Google’s ‘Deep Mind’ team has created an ‘algorithm’, by which the computer can read and analyze human eye scanning. Through this computer works like an eye specialist doctor.

In this study, one eye patient was diagnosed with eight eye specialist and one computer was shown separately. At the end of the examination, the specialist doctor identified the disease and suggested that the computer using artificial intelligence also identified the same disease. Almost exactly like the doctor gave the computer advice.

This work of artificial intelligence has been described as “wonderful” by Expert Doctor Pierce Kne at the Murphilds Eye Hospital. He said, ‘But seeing most eye specialists will become yes. Because this artificial intelligence is identical to renowned experts in the world to diagnose the disease by analyzing the scan.

Dr. “This artificial intelligence can be used within the next two-three years. If it is possible, the pressure on doctors can be reduced.

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