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What To Do If You Don’t Like someone’s post in social media?

Social media

Social media, especially on Facebook, arguments over the discrepancy of votes nowadays have increased alarmingly. Different quotes have also increased the number of quarrels or loss of relations due to various opinions of Munira. The matter is now that if someone posts a post on Facebook, then everyone must make a comment. Especially those who do not have the disagreement with them, they also jumped into the comment section. The emphasis is always to correct their opinions and to misrepresent others. So the result is exactly the same. Quarrel, loss of a relationship, in some cases hostility.

But what is the matter really? You may have a disagreement with someone in Facebook or any other social media, and that’s very normal. But what if there is a disagreement between these opinions? Argue with the man to prove himself right? Or to drop from your friend list? Learn today’s feature …

Better To Ignore

If you do not like something online, the best option is to avoid or ignore. People will only disagree. When all people were alike, the world would have been in heaven. If there is a disagreement with somebody, he must go to his post and try to prove himself, try to humiliate or shorten the person, think it is a big mistake. It is important to remember those who are on the Friends list, who are not in the Friends list.

It is stupid to quarrel over quarrels

If someone dislikes the post, it is a big stupid silence to avoid quarreling over the issue. Because no party is benefiting from this dispute. Rather, a lot of good relationships are lost. It will be proven right after some time. There is no chance of quarreling with the throat of the throat. If someone is saying something wrong or wrong, you are increasingly promoting the post in a dispute over there. Attract more people to wrong or wrong information. So if you do not go away after commenting, try not to quarrel in any situation.

Putting Pressure Is Useless

As well as quarreling with others in your opinion to say yes, it is a big stupidity! Ruthless stupidity Those who do it, never agree that their opinion may also be wrong. Maybe both of them are wrong, or both are right. Even the same thing can prove to be a blessing in one’s life. Everyone views the world with their views, everyone’s life is different. So do not try to prove someone wrong with a tone. Because it will not help. Your time and energy waste for no reason.

Disagreements do not mean lost relationship

Disagreements with someone means to be irritated and irreconcilable, blocking – it is not a solution. Look at your family. Disagreements with each other But what is breaking the family? It is good to not behave in such a childless manner. If you want, you can unfollow him so that you do not see any of his posts. Think well before infraction, because of which it is really serious? Unfollow if the answer is yes. What is another thing, the practice to listen to dissent should be!

Take care of yourself

Remember a hard truth that not everyone in the world or the world is your subject. Everything that you know and understand, is not the case either. You may not have the importance of your opinion in all cases. So keep snoring off the nose. Do not underestimate your unwanted comments or quarrels. Many people may be fooled by personal sexual activity in social media. Do not go wrong in doing this. Take care of yourself, respect others’ privacy.


Unfriend it, then? The last thing you can do is a report. Suppose a friend of your friends on Facebook or some nudity is sharing or spamming. In that case, you can report on Facebook. They are doing it very hard nowadays. If someone speaks about anti-nationalism or encouraging some crime or something about drugs, then you should be complaining to the police or the RAB. This complaint can be made by calling the hotline, it can be done directly, and can be made by calling 555. It is possible to report on anything that is going to harm the country or the people, or any crime is going to happen.

The last thing is that it is very good to emphasize your opinion. But that does not mean that everyone in the world should be like you or meet you. It’s about ruining the relationship, ruining your precious time, is it really worth losing the relationship? Think!

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